Ellie loved the class ! Really useful tips ! Only bad part is that the classes are now over xxx


We've just finished this 4 weeks massage course with Jacqui. Our 6 week old son really enjoyed it and we learnt lots, I really liked that Dad could come along too and Jacqui was very relaxed / happy for babies to lead the sessions. Loved the chocolate treats at our Christmas party too - thanks!


Done this class with my 6 week old baby and she loved it - the colic routine especially helped my wee one and still does thanks Jacqui for all your advice xxx


My little girl was 7 weeks when we started this class, she loved it. I've incorporated the massage into her routine, she has one after her bath, it really chills her out and she's even started sleeping through the night!

Highly recommend this class, Jacqueline is a great teacher, by the second week I felt like I'd known her for ages. Plus it's nice to have an hour to spend just you and your baby.


I went to Jacqueline's class when my son was 4 weeks old. We loved it and had so much fun.

Definitely recommend this baby massage class.


These classes were brilliant for myself and my wee one. Nearly a year on and I'm still using what we were shown to do! Jacqueline is a fantastic person to take these classes, really relaxing for you and baby. Highly recommended.


We did this baby massage class when my little one was just a tiny 8weeks old. Jacqui was a fantastic instructor and made myself and baby feel really comfortable during the classes.
We learned so many different massage techniques. I especially loved the ones for baby colic and wind, they worked like magic and really eased my little ones discomfort when using the techniques at home.
I also met a great bunch of mums too.
I would highly recommend. 


We did Jacqui's class when my baby was 5 months old and we loved it! I learnt a lot and the techniques were easy to use and remember. I found that in addition to being a fantastic midwife Jacqui was also a brilliant teacher. She created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and gave us lots of useful tips on how to soothe our babies. The Indian lullaby she taught us is still one of my favourites to calm my wee boy down and I also still use the massage techniques (especially for the back). It was a great class with a lovely group of mums and babies whom I still keep in touch with. Highly recommended